At a 1 ½-hour drive from Thessaloniki, the National Park Lake Kerkini is easily accessible. Even this winter, with a “Corona tsunami” pestering the European continent, nature photographers and birdwatchers alike have arrived here to adore its many birds and stunning landscape. True, there were fewer travelers than expected. But there

Yesterday, we had the chance to get out of the office and take Eric from Oregon, USA to a half-day birding trip. He and his wife came to Greece, for a few days holiday time and he managed to steal one weekday afternoon and go birding with us to the

Michael and Kendall are two very enthusiastic birders from Kansas, USA. They came to Greece, during their European tour, together with their family, along the SE coastline, including Italy, Greece and Croatia. So, before they followed the groups’ demands and moved to Santorini, they had roughly two-three days to go

Have you ever considered taking a Lake Kerkini Birding Break in winter? The 3 friends Mike, Bob and Steve from the UK decided to give it a try, on 8-11 February 2019. Here’s their trip report. “We’ve just returned from a really great trip around Lake Kerkini.  Mid-February was not going to be the best time

Review of the Northern Greece Birdwatching Holiday 8-15 May 2017 by traveler Rosemary Richards 1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday? There was so many; probably the most exciting was seeing a golden eagle, we sighted about 4, but one was quite low and very

This is third post in a series about birding Greece. The first one was “when”, the second “where” and this, the final one is all about “why birding Greece”. Sounds easy? Well… it is easy for me. Why? Because it is there. Because it exists. Cos I love Greece! And that

Trip report 3-10 April 2015 of the Northern Greece Birdwatching Holiday that Keith, Hazel and Michael from the UK enjoyed with our expert bird guide Georgos Spiridakis. Apart from numerous fantastic species they observed a rarity for Greece too: the Velvet scoter (Melanitta fusca), a black seaduck! The birdwatching sites