Why travel with Natural Greece?

Connect with Nature

Our tours include bird watching and botanical tours, bear tracking holidays, marine eco adventures to the most spectacular regions of Greece. Travel experiences are led by the best local guides that possess vast conservation knowledge in their field.

Value for Money

Being a Greece-based tour operator, our locally developed trips ensure that tourism benefits the right people, minimizing “leakage” from the local economy and avoiding the costs of intermediaries. Natural Greece offers you more at lower rates!

Restore Nature

We donate at least 10% of our profits to nature conservation projects in Greece. Read more about the latest Natural Greece traveler donations to Greek wildlife charities in our Conservation section.

Small Group Tours

Small group tours mean life-enriching, personalized trips and genuine experiences with increased chances to see target species. Private-guided and tailor-made tours are available too.

Discover authentic Greece

Explore the real Greece, far away from the crowds. Nature tours are enriched with yummy Greek food, cultural experiences and fun activities. Traveling with local guides will really make a difference!

Professional support

Our multi-lingual, highly experienced office support team is here 24/7 to deliver a flawless experience. Just get in touch with any questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you.

Our Team

Ecologist & Photographer

Christos was born in Athens, in 1985. His passion for Nature started at a very early age, when he would spend hours snorkeling and observing the underwater world. Later he became a diver and started to study systematically the underwater world. Because of this passion of his, he slowly started delving into the work of Natural Photography, taking pictures and monitoring various underwater species.

Since then, he became interested in all Natural aspects, starting to photograph Birds, Reptiles and then Mammals, Insects and Wildflowers. Today, he is mostly interested in Mammals, Marine animals, Reptiles and particularly Nocturnal animals. He has been a diver for 9 years and an avid Birdwatcher for the past 6 years.

Environmental Scientict and Ecologist

Eleni is an Environmental Scientist (Bsc, PhD) that always finds it difficult to choose between field work or conservation management and environmental awareness activities..! She has been working for projects about birds (ecology and conservation) and for environmental organizations around Greece and Cyprus, and is currently a scientific advisor of the Kalloni Environmental Information Center (Lesvos Island, Greece), where she is monitoring the birds of the Kalloni Gulf and organizes outdoor activities for the public.

She is deeply interested in birding (although only twiched on a Demoissel Crane 12 km away from home…), she is a keen ringer, member of the Charamida (Lesvos) and Attika (Athens) Ringing groups and, during recent years, an amateur bird photographer. She also runs the www.lesvosbirdnews.org blog and the Facebook group “Lesvos Bird News”.

Biologist & Environmental Educator

Dimitra was born in Athens, in 1993. She has had a fascination for Nature, be it flora or fauna, from a very early age. As a natural consequence, she completed her studies in Biology and graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with an orientation towards the fields of Ecology and Zoology.  In 2020 she obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice at the University of Oxford.

Dimitra has been volunteering for many environmental NGOs, both in Greece and abroad. She has participated in field monitoring of many species, having a keen interest in cetaceans and birds. Nowadays, she collaborates professionally with the Greek wildlife charity Callisto, that protects big land mammals like wolves and bears. Apart from field monitoring, she also offers environmental education for children of various ages.  

Dimitra could share stories of Greek Nature with you in fluent Greek and English, as well as in good French and Italian. She is willing to give you some secrets in Spanish and in Portuguese but only if you are patient! 


Lavrentis Sidiropoulos was born in Drama, N Greece, in 1981. He has been taken with birds since his childhood and after finishing a theology degree in Aristotle University in Thessaloniki he got a BSc in ecology and conservation in Manchester Metropolitan University, soon to be topped by an MRes from Imperial College London. He has been active in raptor monitoring and conservation in Northern Greece in the past 10 years from Evros to Epirus and has been part of the Egyptian Vulture Conservation Life+ program field team for Hellenic Ornithological Society. More recently he has been involved in the Lesser White Fronted goose program also, as well as bird monitoring in various National Parks in the North. He has a keen interest especially in raptors and particularly the golden eagle in North Greece. He is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies, University of Ioannina.

He speaks Greek and English fluently.


George was born in Cyprus in 1988, where he first started birdwatching as a teenager. He was always fascinated by nature and wildlife, so just after the end of his army duty in Cyprus he moved to Thessaloniki to study forestry and environmental management, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has since travelled to many parts of Northern Greece, visiting most of the wetlands and mountains of the region. He now resides in Kerkini village, just next to Lake Kerkini, where he has become involved in the Lesser-White Fronted Goose conservation program and the monitoring of other birds and wildlife, in collaboration with the National Park Management Authorities. He also now leads birdwatching tours in Lake Kerkini National Park and to others parts of north Greece. He leads a couple of tours each year in Cyprus as well. George is an excellent birder and general naturalist, with a keen interest in mammals and reptiles.

Managing director

Chantel was born and raised in The Netherlands where she studied International Agricultural Trade (BSc at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences) and Agricultural & Environmental Economics (MSc at Wageningen University & Research). Chantel started her “second life” in Greece in 2006, after a career in The Netherlands in Environmental Management and Project Management at The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Fisheries, and a major Dutch engineering consultancy company. In Greece, she has worked for Birdlife Greece and WWF Hellas. Her experience in nature conservation, fundraising and the travel industry combined with CSR helped her to start up Eco & Wildlife Tour Operator Natural Greece in 2013.

Our Partners