George was born in Cyprus in 1988, where he first started birdwatching as a teenager. He was always fascinated by nature and wildlife, so just after the end of his army duty in Cyprus he moved to Thessaloniki to study forestry and environmental management, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has since travelled to many parts of Northern Greece, visiting most of the wetlands and mountains of the region. He now resides in Kerkini village, just next to Lake Kerkini, where he has become involved in the Lesser-White Fronted Goose conservation program and the monitoring of other birds and wildlife, in collaboration with the National Park Management Authorities. He also now leads birdwatching tours in Lake Kerkini National Park and to others parts of north Greece. He leads a couple of tours each year in Cyprus as well. George is an excellent birder and general naturalist, with a keen interest in mammals and reptiles.