Greece Bear Tours featured in The Guardian article
Greece Bear Tours

We are proud and grateful to present the article by The Guardian on the wilderness of the Greek Pindus Mountains & our Wild Bear Tours. The article features “Five of Europe’s best wildernesses for spotting big beasts” 

Join Natural Greece’s five-day Wild Bears in Northern Pindos trip and spend time tracking animals with the help of researchers from Callisto, an aptly named local bear conservation charity. Starting and finishing in Thessaloniki, these run in summer and autumn and cost from €550 pp, including transfers, guiding, accommodation and some meals. “ 

The bear tours organized by Natural Greece have been in the news before. The Times Magazine, TourRadar, Escapism Magazine, The Telegraph and World of Animals all mentioned these fascinating off-the-beaten track adventures. 


This year the Bear Tours created a stir: 

  1. …on the “Life with bears – 26th International Conference on Bear Research and Management” that was held in Slovenia from 16 till 21 September 2018. Our Poster Presentation of the Conference can be seen here: Taking a Walk on the Wild Side
  2. …in a short film by Wildlife Vet and photographer Franciscus Scheelings. He shot it during our Wild Bears in Northern Pindos trip – watch the video here  

Nowadays  the number of wild brown bears (Ursus arctos) roaming the mountains, plains, and forests of Greece is estimated at 700 and growing! Most of them live in the Pindos mountain range (Northwest Greece) whereas a smaller population is present in Rhodopes (Northeast Greece). This week the EU passes a new law to protect wild large mammals, such as the European Brown Bears, the wolves and the lynx. With this new law, farmers will be compensated 100% for losses to livestock and other damage caused by big mammals. Furthermore the protective measures will be compensated too, like mobile fences and buying guarding dogs. Natural Greece and its partner wildlife charity CALLISTO welcome the move. For the local communities in North Greece, that have already been hit hard by the ongoing economic crisis, this is going to make a difference.

Link to the full article by The Guardian

Link to the Natural Greece Bear Tours 

Link to the trip report by blogger Dragan Simic


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