Wildlife Holidays for Families

Are you worried your child is stuck behind a screen and wastes a beautiful day outside when on vacation? Encourage their curiosity by joining one of these Best Wildlife Holidays for Families! 

1-Peloponnese Sea Turtle Conservation Holiday 

Join the volunteering program by protecting sea turtles and raising awareness to beach members in this 9-day wildlife holiday for families. Children from 8 years old, with the guidance of an adult, can participate in various activities, like shielding the nesting sites and remove obstacles on the beaches. It’s a great way for kids to improve their multitasking and teamwork skills, as you’ll be working alongside wildlife charity ARCHELON members and like-minded travelers. This Greek NGO has been offering wildlife holidays for families, individuals and groups for decades! Check out more or book this holiday here.

2-Dolphin Conservation Holiday in Greece 

A 7-day Greek Island holiday with daily dolphin tours in the Greek National Marine Park of Alonissos suitable for 11- year old children and above, where they conduct research on these swimming mammals’ behaviour and habits. In collaboration with MOm charity organization, you will learn about the various threats marine and coastal wildlife face and what you can do about it. A wildlife holiday for families you cannot miss! Click here for more information on this vacation with weekly departure in Summer.

3-Brown Bear Tracking 

Bear charity organization CALLISTO invites adult and young nature lovers (from 12 years and older), to visit various wildlife hotspots in the Northern Mountains of Greece in this 5-day tour. With a local nature guide, children will be thrilled to explore brown bear habitat and learn the methods used to find them (always safe and non-exploitative). Upon visiting the local bear sanctuary, their encounter with real bears is guaranteed to remain unforgettable. Visit the tour page to book a tour this spring or autumn. The tour price includes a donation to the Bear Emergency Team.

4-Northern Greece Wildlife Conservation Tour 

This tour is an extended version from the tour above. It is highly suggested if your kids, or yourselves, wish to spend a little longer and extend the brown bear tracking in Northern Pindos with an exploration of the Prespa Lake district, a true biodiversity hotspot. Here you watch one of the tallest birds in the world fly by: the Dalmatian Pelican, you’ll have fun on a boat trip and walk the floral trail in the unique Juniper forest. Anyone able to walk 2 hours in rough mountainous terrain can join this tour with 8-day duration. Find more info on this special wildlife holiday for families by clicking here 

5-Greece Volunteering Holiday 

Suitable for teens from 15 years and older, this 8-day wildlife holiday for families is split into two parts. The first involves volunteering in the sea turtle rescue centre south of Athens. The second transfers you to Poros Island to partake in the “paths of Greece” project to clear out historical footpaths. It’s a busy 8-day program in the sunniest regions of Greece, so don’t forget your sunscreen! Read more.

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