Eleni galinou is a member of Natural Greece team

Eleni is an Environmental Scientist (Bsc, PhD) that always finds it difficult to choose between field work or conservation management and environmental awareness activities..! She has been working for projects about birds (ecology and conservation) and for environmental organizations around Greece and Cyprus, and is currently a scientific advisor of the Kalloni Environmental Information Center (Lesvos Island, Greece), where she is monitoring the birds of the Kalloni Gulf and organizes outdoor activities for the public.

She is deeply interested in birding (although only twiched on a Demoissel Crane 12 km away from home…), she is a keen ringer, member of the Charamida (Lesvos) and Attika (Athens) Ringing groups and, during recent years, an amateur bird photographer. She also runs the www.lesvosbirdnews.org blog and the Facebook group “Lesvos Bird News”.