Dimitra Christidi

Dimitra was born in Athens, in 1993. She has had a fascination for Nature, be it flora or fauna, from a very early age. As a natural consequence, she completed her studies in Biology and graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with an orientation towards the fields of Ecology and Zoology.  In 2020 she obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice at the University of Oxford.

Dimitra has been volunteering for many environmental NGOs, both in Greece and abroad. She has participated in field monitoring of many species, having a keen interest in cetaceans and birds. Nowadays, she collaborates professionally with the Greek wildlife charity Callisto, that protects big land mammals like wolves and bears. Apart from field monitoring, she also offers environmental education for children of various ages.  

Dimitra could share stories of Greek Nature with you in fluent Greek and English, as well as in good French and Italian. She is willing to give you some secrets in Spanish and in Portuguese but only if you are patient!