Sustainable Tourism. The GreenSpots Project

Greek and Bulgarian partners constructively cooperate in the GreenSpots project to re-design the tourism product of their areas, placing “sustainability” and “networking” at the heart of their policy.

Seven partners (4 from Greece, 3 from Bulgaria) form a partnership of Local Authorities and Professional Associations representing tourism in the areas of Rodopi, Xanthi, Evros, Hascovo, Chepelare and Rudozem, coordinated by the Lead Partner, the Municipal Company of Komotini K. Karatheodori SA.

In the framework of GreenSpots, researches were prepared in all project areas identifying a large number of natural and cultural resources (wetlands, beaches, mountains, particular landscapes, archaeological sites, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, monuments of the modern era, historical sites) that can be valorized in the context of a viable tourism approach. Suggestions were made on the creation of thematic routes with the activation and the synergy of all local actors (Authorities, Directorates of Archaeology, Environmental Agencies, etc.). Specifications for the tourism businesses were elaborated so as for them to achieving sustainability. Twelve (12) Tourism Info Points – Infokiosks, are being installed in the cross border area of Greece and Bulgaria. Six of them in the Greek border area, prefectures Evros, Rodopi and Xanthi, and the other six on the Bulgarian side of the border, in Hascovo, Chepelare and Rudozem. Those appealing electronic devices equipped with touch screens, provide access to digital information on the tourism “product” of the entire cross border area.

The 7 Project partners signed a Cooperation Protocol for the creation of a Destination Management Organization which will contribute to sustainable tourism development by adopting environmentally friendly measures and actions.

A new tourism “experience” is being developed in the area, with suggestions for itineraries to the beautiful natural landscape, the cultural monuments, with trails in authenticity and tradition, with routes to the excellent local gastronomy and the guest friendly people.

For more information on the project visit the website or call the numbers +30 25310 23165 for Greece and +359 8878 98724 for Bulgaria.


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