Sandy Footprints: Eco-Friendly Tips for your next Beach Visit
Eco-Friendly Tips

It is hard to believe that the following video was shot just a marathon run away from Athens, Greece! In this video, Fotis Kerasidis is interviewing Christos Kotselis, tour leader of Natural Greece. They discuss responsible beach behavior at Marathon Beach. Marathon Beach is not only the site of the historic Battle of Marathon in 490 BC but also an important National Park with a long sandy beach, marshes, and over 240 bird species!

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As we soak up the sun, it’s essential to enjoy the beach responsibly and leave only sandy footprints behind. Get ready to explore practical and eco-friendly tips for your next beach visit!

So, what steps can we take to ensure that we enjoy the beach responsibly and leave minimal impact on the natural environment? Here are some eco-friendly tips that can help:

  • Appreciate the beauty of flowers without picking or cutting them, preserving their splendor for others to enjoy.
  • Recognize the importance of seaweed in the marine ecosystem and treat it with respect, understanding its vital role.
  • Play your part in keeping the beach clean by disposing of trash properly and picking up any litter you come across.
  • Practice coexistence with nature by respecting wildlife habitats and minimizing disruptions.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when visiting the beach to prevent disturbance to nesting birds and their habitats.

Adhering to these eco-friendly tips allows us to relish the beach responsibly while safeguarding its natural wonders. Whether it’s picking up trash, being mindful of wildlife, or just packing smart, every little bit helps. So, let’s hit the beach, have a blast, and do our part to protect these amazing places for years to come!


Video of: Marathon Grecce Cinematographer: Pavlos Kerasidis Filmed and edited by Local Stage.


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