Brown Bear sighting in Northern Greece
Bear sighting

Martin & Liz Pitt were lucky to have 2 days with bear encounters during their Wild Bears in Northern Pindos trip! The 1st time Martin got up close and personal with a bear that was wearing a collar for the research purposes of CALLISTO, a wildlife charity protecting the large mammals in Greece. What follows is a report of the second, equally exciting Brown Bear sighting.

Brown Bear Sighting

Location: Below Moni Taxiarchon Monastery, near Ag. Anna – Nestorio, Greece

Date: 7th May 2015 – 13:19 hrs

Having walked the same slope down  from the Monastery  two hours previously, we were looking at the view of the ancient buildings when a Brown Bear walked cautiously down the slope and disappeared into the woods. Despite waiting a further 20 minutes the bear did not reappear.

Martin & Liz Pitt

According to the experts of wildlife charity CALLISTO, this bear is an adult male in very good shape! Travelers like Liz and Martin Pitt did more than just observe during their holiday. They also conserved -the holiday includes a donation to the Bear Emergency Team project conducted by CALLISTO.

bear sighting bear sighting


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