Last-minute holidays: 5 tours departing in April-May ’18

The following last-minute holidays are guaranteed to depart in April and May 2018. Nature lovers will easily find many reasons to visit Greece in spring time. Otherwise semi-arid Greek Islands now display lush carpets of flowers basking in glorious sunlight. For birders spring migration is absolutely the best time to come to Hellas for birdwatching 

 1-Go walking with locals on Karpathos Island 

Discover impressive species of flora in Karpathos Island, one of the very best Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. An 8-day hiking tour in walking across old trails and enjoying the fantastic views! Hospitable locals will gladly introduce their island’s culture and local food to you. Departs 20 April 2018 Click here to book or enquire. 

 2-Birdwatching in Northern Greece  

Heads up for one of the best birdwatching regions in Europe. A bird list of 200 species is within reach on this holiday to the wetlands of Northern Greece. A last-minute 8-day holiday led by an experienced, friendly bird guide is simply irresistible. Specialties include Black, Egyptian and Griffon Vultures and almost all European birds of prey in the Dadia forest, Spur-winged, Caspian plovers in Evros Delta and Dalmatian, White pelicans and numerous heron species of the famous Lake Kerkini. 22 April 2018 Read more here. 

 3-Pelicans galore at the Lake Kerkini 

Get introduced to Lake Kerkini and surrounding mountains, home to more than 300 species of birds. Floating across this magnificent lake on a boat, you are guaranteed to encounter many special birds breeding on the rafts and in the riparian forest! A 4-day experience with a local bird guide to enjoy solo or with a small group! Visit the tour page. 

 4-Trekking trip for nature lovers on Kythnos Island 

Explore the Greek Cyclades island of Kythnos with its rich cultural treasures, agricultural lifestyle and natural wildlife. From castle ruins, beehive farms and sunny beaches, to a range of plant and animal species, there is nothing this island doesn’t host! During this 6-day last-minute holiday you will be accompanied by an experienced knowledgeable naturalist. 7 May 2018  Book or inquire here

 5-Track Wild Bears in Northern Greece 

Enjoy bountiful wildlife and breathtaking landscapes in the northern mountains of Pindos, while gaining conservation tips from CALLISTO bear charity organization in this 5-day walking tour. 5 & 26 May 2018. For more details about this last-minute holiday click here. 

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