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Tours by Theme - Natural Greece

  • Bear Tours

    Bear Tours

    A total of 116 mammal species have been recorded in Greece. If you take into account its relatively small size, then Greece has the largest variety of mammal species of all European countries. The largest terrestrial mammal is the European Brown Bear (Ursus arctos). Bears in Greece are found in two main core populations of Northern Greece separated by a distance of circa 250km as follows: the Pindos population covering a range surface of circa 11,000km2 which...

  • Birdwatching Tours

    Birdwatching Tours

    “Why birding Greece”. Sounds easy? Well... it is easy for me", writes Dragan Simic in his recent blog article. And he continues:"Why? Because it is there. Because it exists. Cos I love Greece!

    And that is the problem: while these answers all make perfect sense to me, they do not reveal a single reason why you should consider birding Greece. In order to collect more “why” arguments, I asked members of Facebook groups that are focused on birding...

  • Botanical Tours

    Botanical Tours

    Ever thought of Greece as a botanical paradise? If you answer that question in the affirmative you belong to a minority. Many tourists have images of a dry and rocky place in mind when they think of the Greece they visited during their summer holidays. However, the overall diversity of flora species in Greece is astonishing: some 6000 have been recorded. Which has to do with Greece’s geographical position, its geological history and...

  • General Wildlife Tours

    General Wildlife Tours

    Some of our tours have a more general wildlife focus, in accordance with an ecosystem, which is made up of innumerous organisms: plants, bacteria, fungi, insects, amphibians, reptiles and so on. In Greece for instance one can encounter 59 reptile species. No other European country can match that number, nor the number of 12 unique, endemic reptile species. When sailing the Aegean Sea with our nature guide on board you may no longer see...

  • Marine Eco Tours

    Marine Eco Tours
    • Sail away from the crowds aboard a sailing ship
    • Scuba dive into the magical world of the Mediterranean sea
    • Spot dolphins, sea birds & monk seals in the waters, beaches and islets of Greece
    • or explore the Greek coastline by sea kayak

    Greece is all about sea, an aquatic heaven, full of life. Water sports are very popular in Greece, a country of seas with emerald...

  • Walking Tours

    Walking Tours

    Explore Greece’s variety of landscapes, remote coves and the ruins of ancient cities…. walking!

    Many Greek islands and regions in mainland Greece have a good network of numbered routes and walking paths. Oftentimes they are remnants of the past, from a time when these “kalderimia” or “ancient cobbled mule paths” were the only connections between the villages.

    Discover the “real Greece” while following walking paths through...